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Thread: What to look for when buying an older RT (2012 and older)

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    What to look for when buying an older RT (2012 and older)

    I'm in the market for a 2008-2012 R1200RT.
    Any opinions on what should be looking/checking for when considering a purchase?

    Any year in particular stand out???
    Problem areas?

    I'd appreciate any comments

    Rondog in So Cal

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    There are a number of them for sale here in the marketplace. I would trust a used bike from a MOA member more than from someplace like Craigslist! The Hexheads are simpler to maintain than the cam heads but it is only a minor difference. I would buy the newest model you can afford, and ask to see the maintenance history. In general, they are good bikes.
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    The camheads rev nicely.

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