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Thread: 2005 K1200S will not idle

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    2005 K1200S will not idle

    2005 K1200S with 6,000 miles suddenly won't idle.

    I have Googled the issue but most of the time it's a result of some sort of mechanic work, most prominently caused by riders disconnecting the battery then not properly resetting the TPS. In my case, I simply parked the bike for about 12 days, started it up on day 13 and now it will not idle. I rode it about 50 miles and it runs like a turkey on Thanksgiving morning, but as the RPMs drop (either by clutching or coasting in neutral), it dies. It will start back up but dies immediately unless I rev the RPMs at least past 2,000.

    Steps I've taken so far, in order, each failing to correct the issue:

    1. Reset the TPS
    2. Disconnected the battery, put it on a trickle charger, reset the TPS

    The only other thing I can think of is it has about 1/3 to 1/2 tank of gas. I filled it up with 93 at a rural gas station about 14 days ago. Could it be bad gas?

    Any helps is appreciated. Thanks,


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    Couple of thoughts here....please someone chime in

    I would first do the TPS reset, which you did.....key off......key throttle fully two times.......key off.
    Then I would look at the O2 sensor or possibly the temp sensor.
    Next would be to make sure there is no vacuum leak or anything.

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    First thing I always fool with is gas. My K1300GT died on me in stop and go traffic, started right back up and had a very erratic idle. Step 1, put a bottle of yellow Heet in the gas tank, which is methanol based, to dissolve any water that may have been attracted by the ethanol that is in our fuels now. Burn that tank quick. I don't like methanol (very caustic to metal), but it works. Step 2, Buy a bottle of Techron and dump the whole thing in the tank. Bigger is better. Techron is amazing stuff and I've poured it into gas tanks of lawnmower engines that were running rough and had them start running smooth in less than a minute. Burn this tank within a week. Usually by this time, the bike is running pretty decent.

    Step 3, buy a bottle of Gumout Octane Booster (less than $3) at Wally World and add about 1/3 bottle to every tank. My GT seems to be really sensitive to octane and bad fuel. Without Octane Booster, winter gas mileage (has more ethanol) will drop to 42 mpg. With octane booster, it will run 46 mpg. Added to summer premium gas, mileage will jump from 51 to 53 on daily commutes. Try this and see what it gets you. I also get better gas mileage with Shell premium over Chevron premium here. The GT hasn't died on me since and runs nearly dead smooth with daily commuting.

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    Just a follow upů It was bad fuel. I filled up at a rural gas station out of necessity and apparently got stale or watered down fuel. Drained, additive added to the tank, topped off with 93 grade and I'm all set. Thanks to everyone for the advice.

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