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Thread: 2015 K1300S Motorsport Pegs

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    2015 K1300S Motorsport Pegs

    Is anyone aware of a peg lowering option for this bike, it has the HP pegs but I'd like to lower them a bit. I suppose an option might be to replace them with the standard pegs and then buy a lowering kit but that gets a bit pricey. Any thoughts?

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    I have the same bike. I am using an Airhawk seat pad to give me some butt relief from the stock seat and raise me up an inch.

    Your only other options are a taller aftermarket seat or to remove the very expensive HP pegs and replace them with the base level pegs AND a lowering kit.

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    I could just barely get my feet up on those pegs and was afraid that if I tried a ride, I might just not be able to get my feet off those pegs. So, I bit the bullet and found a pair of standard foot rests and pegs on eBay and bought a peg lowering kit, shift extender rod and pedal extenders from Pirates Lair. I believe the total cost was about $300.00. Oddly, the dimensions in the HP footrest plate are different from the standard foot plate on the right side. So, to make it work, I had to shorten the master cylinder actuator rod by about an inch. I truly hated to lose those gorgeous HP pegs, but Iíd rather ride the bike than look at the pegs. I think I can get $500 - 600.00 for them to defray my cost, and I intend to ride my cruise missile until the wheels fall off or they take my keys away from me. Since Iím 74, it will be fun to see which happens first!

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    Put on a set of Helibars. The slightly higher bars still look good but the slightly more upright position greatly enhances the ability to get your feet on and off the pegs, and does so without messing up the peg to shifter / brake relationships. If you still want to go with lower pegs try these by Knight design
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    Iíve used Knight Design pegs in the past with great results. They are about $100.00 cheaper than the Verholens I used. Kind of stupid, really, but Iíve done work for Jerry at Pirateís Lair in the past and wanted to throw some business his way. I tried the original pegs with the bike on a stand in an upright sitting position, and that was how I determined them to be unworkable for me. Part of the problem was my knee hitting the flare on the upper surface of the tank. When youíre 6í 3Ē and my age, many things you would love to have work, sadly, just donít any more.
    Thanks for taking the time to offer help.

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