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Thread: Salt Lake City attendees

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    Quote Originally Posted by cycleman2 View Post
    Body temp is normally around 97 F, so at any temps above that you have to provide some manner of cooling or you will quickly get into heat exhaustion/ heat stroke territory. Mess jackets work fine up to about 95 F but are not much help after that. Wearing some of the wicking clothing under your riding pants and jackets work very similar to cooling vests and your own evaporated sweat provides a cooling affect to your body.

    Cooling vests are a real benefit in the heat. Also drink lots of water. You'll quickly find that you can drink all the water you want, and don't have to stop for a bathroom break.
    I picked up one of the cooling vests that Moto Skiveez was selling at their booth during the SLC rally. I had to leave the rally on Saturday and rode straight through to my home in Bend, OR. Temps stayed right around 98 degrees for a significant part of the trip.

    I couldn't believe what a difference the vest It stayed plenty damp after 2 hours of riding (that's typically when I will take a break) and the cooling effect was substantial, so substantial that the temp I was seeing on my gauge didn't even remotely correspond to how I was feeling. It literally felt about 70 degrees inside my jacket.

    I'm a believer.

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    This is the same principle used in a "swamp cooler". These were the way people survived here in the valley of the sun before air conditioning was widely used. Physics is our friend!
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    Quote Originally Posted by azgman View Post
    ... Physics is our friend!

    I took my Rev"IT Liquid Cooling Vest along with me for the ride from Denver to SLC and back. Did the ride from SLC to Denver on Monday and keep the damp vest in a plastic bag in my luggage until my lunch stop. Took it into the restaurant with me to put on after my meal for the ride into Denver. When I opened the bag the vest was quite warm from the sun hitting the vario cases on the GS and I thought "boy this is going to be bad", but decided to give it a shot as I knew the benefit of riding with it when I'd put it on cold/cool, but had never put it on warm and figured this would be a major test of the wicking effects.

    Sure enough, within a few moments of riding I was getting the desired cooling effect and that worked all the rest of the way to Denver (about 4 hours). Got snarled up in heavy stop-n-go traffic outside Vale due to road construction but that was the only time there wasn't enough air movement to provide cooling.

    I use mine over LD Comfort long base-layer top and bottoms and under my BMW AirFLow suit. Makes for a very good overall system.
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