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Thread: What does everyone do with your gear?

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    What does everyone do with your gear?

    Okay, the wife and I ride to the rally, panniers are full of cloths and stuff we all bring. I don't want to walk around in riding gear, haven't checked into our hotel yet, no tent. What do you all do with helmets and riding gear while at the rally? Do you lock your helmets to your bike? Jackets? Gear? Boots? Just not quite sure what to do with it all.

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    Usually I keep my riding pants and boots on, everything else I lock it all to the bike via cables and locks if I have no room in my case.

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    Leave on the bike and put the half cover over everything.

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    There may be a coat check at the rally site. In general, your stuff is safe if left on the bike, but not everyone is comfortable doing that.
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    Welcome to the forum and enjoy the rally!
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    Welcome to the fold!
    Generally your goodies are safe at the rally and I have never heard of anything being stolen, in fact I have heard of and seen for myself people bringing wallets and watches to lost and found and being reunited with their rightful owners. Having said that of course things can change.
    Just be smart about it and like others said just lock your helmet and jacket to your bike and enjoy your time at the rally.
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    Change into something comfortable for the weather when you arrive - cable-lock everything you can to the bike (excluding boots) and conceal all with a half-cover.

    Then go enjoy the Rally!

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    Welcome to the forum.
    We have never had a problem at a National.
    When we're somewhere we worry about our gear we have a couple small cables to lock our gear and helmet, then cover it all with a half cover.

    If any vendors are open today you could buy a couple small cables and locks.
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    Cover all

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    Quote Originally Posted by hojoinsc View Post
    They work well, but if it's going to rain, the helmets become cisterns.

    Any chance of showers - place helmets on the seats (beneath the water-proof half cover) and cable lock them to the bike!

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    Put it on the bike and walk away

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    Ok, so the rally is over and this won't do the OP any good, but I will also say that I have never seen/heard of any theft of property of gear inside the fairgrounds. As a matter of fact, I accidentally left my keys in my Jesse pannier lock for two days without any problem.

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