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Thread: Hi from Nashville, TN

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    Hi from Nashville, TN

    Hopeful to be a new BMW owner.
    Just joined up to gather some information on BMWs. I'm currently riding a MZ Skorpion Traveller and looking for a "new to me bike".
    I prefer sport-touring oriented bikes (my first model was a 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo I bought new in 1984). I like to run long road trips and the Skorpion is starting to get uncomfortable as I grow older... ...I could do some modifications to the seating position, but that wouldn't do much for how busy it is at 70-75 mph (5-5.5k in a single and not much left on top).

    My only experience with a BMW was riding a 1980's R65 (IIRC). An acquaintance was thinking about getting a MZ Skorpion, so we traded rides for a 30 mile trip to give him a feel for mine.

    I've looked at pictures of numerous models and read lots of reviews. The 2005 R1200ST has really caught my interest and I hope to do a "fly and ride" in a few weeks to pick one up.
    The forums here have been a big help in seeing what owners thought of that model. Lots of great information and it looks like a lot of the Hexhead GS and RT info is the same (as far as engine/drive train work goes.)
    Any insights on the bike will be appreciated.
    Later on,
    Bill R.

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    Welcome to the forum, Bill! Lots of choices in bikes to suit your taste these days. Heck, you can even still get an R65!!
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