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Thread: Greetings from St. Croix, Virgin Islands

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    St. Croix, Virgin Islands

    Greetings from St. Croix, Virgin Islands

    We're all of 84 square miles, 1,200 nautical miles SE of Miami in the N.E Caribbean. I've been here a good part of my now long life and although I have ridden motorcycles here in the past, my island bike is now a Karmic Koben S, 350 watt pedalic e-bike. It gets me up hill in our mountainous terrain and with a 60 mile range, carries me where I need to go.

    I garage an R 1200 GSA in Virginia Beach and when I leave here for a ride-about, I ride. Next trip begins in August and will carry me up into Quebec and across the plains in Canada before corkscrewing around in the Rockies, on both sides of the border with Santa Barbara as a final destination before making my way back East. I'll return to the Islands around the 1st of October.

    On my trips I'm self contained with a 1 man tent, Helionox cot and chair, pad, pillow and the usual backpacker style support kit. This will be my first extended trip on the Adventure. Having to wait a month to depart, someone likened it to not being allowed in the living room on Christmas morning as a child.

    Anyone wanting local info on the NE Caribbean, please get in touch.

    Crucian (Tomás)

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    Welcome to the forum! Must be tough waiting to get off of the island to expand to the US. Sounds like a nice trip and break from your normal routine. Enjoy!!
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