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Thread: Shout out to A&S for helping out in a timely way

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    Shout out to A&S for helping out in a timely way

    I was riding my 2009 R1200GSA from Central Orygun to SoCal and back last week when at my rest stop at I-5/CA 58 I got the dreaded "LAMPF!" as my GSA had devoured another light bulb. I proceeded up to Kettleman City and pulled in about 4 p.m. and got a room for the night as planned. Next day I used my Sena 20s to call A&S BMW in Rosedale (it's just E of Sacramento) and said I needed a low-beam bulb changed. (Quick digression: I can work on my Ural and my KLR. The GSA's headlight set-up and its infernal wire gate has defeated me more than once. I know it's seemingly shameful, but with my hamfisted mitts, I've learned to let the pros do some tasks). They said they were busy, but said they'd take care of it as I was traveling.

    Art checked me in, directed me to place to hang gear and get water, gave me discount coupons for in-store purchases, and as it was a Saturday, said it might take up to four hours, which was perfectly understandable. He also gave me names and locations of places to eat and that A&S also helps out with Uber. I went to magazine rack to catch up on some riding mags and didn't even finish the third article when my bike was ready. In and out in an hour, but did find time to buy a couple of those mini-fish eyes for mirrors.

    Great experience, great service department, and great folks.

    (And if it had happened at night, for just such an emergency I have a spare bulb in my top case along with a Petzel headlamp as in an emergency I'd give the bulb swap a go. For non-emergencies, I go to a dealer.)

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    Thanks for the post! Good to know there are helpful people out there!!
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    They have been my dealer since '91 and have helped out in several unusual situations I have found myself in, as well as the run of the mill stuff for nearly 26 years now! I have seen many people come and go over the years (normal attrition in my view), but Randy Felice (his father Tony and mother Adrienne before him) and his staff have always stepped up to the plate for me. Glad to hear they did you well!!
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    I often read of disatisfaction with dealerships, often with no name attached. I am pleased to read a good report that actually names the dealership. A&S is indeed one of the good ones!
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    I've never used A&S for service, but have bought a few things through their large Internet parts and accessories operation. If you get on their mailing list, they usually have two 15% off almost everything around Thanksgiving and another around Christmas. Kirk is the person who handles the operation (I think) and he's been very helpful.
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    I have been using A&S for my BMW parts since I have had one, now 2. In fact I use them before I contact the local dealer for parts, they never have them in stock anyway.
    They started a great new benefit last year, FREE SHIPPING. Before it was given over a certain $$ amount, now it's on everything.
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    Over the years A&S has found multiple ways to lighten my wallet - with my full cooperation.

    Their online catalogue is like honey to a bear when the rains of winter arrive where I live. From my perspective they're a dedicated dealer with excellent service.

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    A bit farther north is a gem too

    Up the road from A&S Cycles is Ozzie's BMW in Chico. Ozzies is a small shop well known regionally for being capable and very customer friendly. They are very responsive to urgent needs and are excellent where fair warranty coverage can be utilized. The Chico, California store was started by Ozzie Aur, German born racer of vintage BMWs in Europe and the US, moving here with wife Emmi in 1961. Ozzie passed away a couple of years ago and his I think grandson and I assume Emmi now manage the shop. They sport two very experienced BMW-certified mechanics and a seriously helpful and friendly front office staff. I've purchased one used and one new Beemer from them and couldn't be happier ;o)

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