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Thread: Any Tech-Days on the horizon / potential to host? (Mid-Tenn)

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    Question Any Tech-Days on the horizon / potential to host? (Mid-Tenn)

    Hey All,

    I have been lurking for a bit , and have thoroughly enjoyed being an MOA member (), and was "THIS" close to making it to last years Annual Rally, but then life said - yeah, no! () (work,kids, you know the drill) ...

    Anyways - I am taking ownership of my own repairs and maintenance lately and was wondering if there was / is any area to request or help plan (?) for a tech day? ()

    I am new to wrenching on a BMW, but have always been in charge of my own vehicular repairs within reason, plenty of bike experience just not BMW. In my new found (2.5 yrs ago?) "forever bike" I found I need a bit more "ed-u-ma-cation"... would love to hear from some experienced gear heads, especially in the mid-tenn area.

    Actually id love to have 3-10 bikes show up at my house one afternoon for a Tech Day, but I would likely NOT be the one to lead any such training, as I am just getting my feet wet. (thankfully not with oil or brake fluid - yet!)

    Soooo... Any tech-savvy takers in the Mid-Tenn Area? I am in Spring Hill, TN. I have a platform lift, a two car garage, air compressor, pretty decent assortment of tools, and - (potentially scotch if we get super technical and need the proper troubleshooting mental lubricant!). (Bed, Couch, Floor space etc - will of course be provided if the need arises! - Ride Safe!)

    My ride is a 2007 BMW R1200RT.
    My project re-build is a 1974 Honda CB200T
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    Welcome belthasar

    At some point, many of us have had the life gets in the way situation...just the way it goes sometimes

    Are you a member of a local club? If not, here is a link to the club listings. An opportunity to locate folks in your area who may have , or welcome an opportunity for a host of a tech session.
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    Any Tech-Days on the horizon / potential to host? (Mid-Tenn)

    I'm a member of the BMW Motorcycle Owners Club of Nashville. Come on out. Check out our website at for schedule of what's happening.
    Our monthly meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month - usually at a local restaurant, sometimes at the local BMW dealer, Bloodworth's.

    1995 K1100LT; 1991 K100LT; 1982 Honda 450 Nighthawk

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