First, I need a woman's point of view on this topic! Second, I am posting this topic up for input for my wife (let's call her "Dawn"...because that is her name!). Late last fall, Dawn went for her final ride on her '07 R12R as her arthritis in her right thumb (now actually both thumbs), became so painful it was difficult to operate the throttle for even a short 30 minute ride. She says she is done riding but, I know down deep (and she knows down deep too) she really enjoys, no, make that loves, riding. Her R12R was at least kept in the family and sold to her brother.

A little back ground on Dawn, she kept a riding log and I believe her total mileage was in the mid 70k range when she stopped last year and has been an Associate MOA member for about 20 years. She grew up around BMWs as in 1972 (Dawn was 18 at the do the math!) her dad bought a new R75 in Germany, rode around Europe for three weeks then shipped the bike back to the US. Her mother and father then went back to Germany in 1974 and rented a she has riding in her genes too....along with the arthritis! She started riding her own bike, a R65LS as a gift from me on Father's Day in 1991 (kinda backwards I know!). Then a F650GS, F700GS and then the R12R. Last fall we took the dual sports (she had a Honda CRF230L, me on a KLR) to Moab, UT and Ouray, CO for some great off road riding and she is just such an awesome rider, riding companion, wife, friend, grandma, etc.! So, with the arthritis, it became evident our riding would now become a two-up affair. So between selling the R12R and my GSA, a new RT was bought for the two of us. BUT....

Besides the normal wrist rest, manual cruise controls, etc. as a temporary throttle relief, have any of you experienced this thumb pain and if so, how did you work around it? If at all. She knows thumb surgery can be done but, all indicators tell her it is a six month "out of commission" type surgery. Am I just being selfish wishing she could ride her own BMW again and just let it go or, encourage her (she can be stubborn) to have the surgery and get back to riding again? Ultimately, I too know it all boils down to a personal decision. Dawn has also had both hips replaced but, that doesn't seem to bother her when riding. We are going to be in SLC for the rally next month so, if any of you want to "encourage" her about the surgery, getting back on a bike, etc....that would be awesome. Just don't tell her you heard any of this from me!

I have tried to make this all sound light hearted when in reality, it is not, from a physical and emotional perspective (the idea of getting older and all of the medical issues that can follow). So in all seriousness, any thoughts, advice, etc. will be truly appreciated. Thanks to all, have a great day and ride safe!