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Thread: Mounting a Radar Detector on a 2017 GSA

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    Mounting a Radar Detector on a 2017 GSA

    I'm looking for suggestions on mounting a radar detector on a 2017 GSA. I would like to mount the detector in an out of sight spot and use a remote alert light and control box. I use a Valentine 1 and have the remote audio adapter with a Marc Parnes LED alert. I also have an Adaptive detector with a remote LED alert.

    Pictures of your set-up with any brand detector will be appreciated.
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    On all of my bikes since '97, I've "hidden" my radar detector in my tankbag. I have a Valentine One with the remote audio adapter and concealed display. Detector and audio adapter are velcroed upside down to the underside of the tankbag lid. The concealed display is velcroed to the top of the GPS bracket (OEM GPS prep). Audio alerts go into a Sena SM10 (along with music from an iPod) and then to a Sena 20S. Hope you can make sense out of this with these pictures...

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    When my trusty Escort 8500 finally died I thought I would try a 9500ix. After I blew the first one out connecting it to a Sena SM10 without a ground loop isolator I decided it was not a suitable unit for my bike. It also picked up a lot of sound interference and the buttons were too small to be practical with gloves. It had way more bells and whistles than I would ever use. So I went with a Beltronics Pro-100 for a lot less money which I am told is made by the Escort people and uses some of the same innards. Have had that for a year now and I’m very happy with it. Sensitive enough and very few false alerts, plus the buttons are simple. It also has a sound out mini plug which I route into the SM10 and it all works well. I sat the unit on a small platform I made to the left of my GPS. If I am on a super bumpy road it will jiggle a little but the Velcro underneath keeps it on well.

    I am no expert but it's my understanding that you should have the receiving end pointed forward and a higher mounting will pick up radar sooner than a lower one if you are alone out on an unbusy road. I recall I got a ticket the first time I used my 8500 way back when so IMHO it is more to warn when smokey is around so that I am on my best behavior. Probably not going to save you with today's super fast police radar.
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