Hi folks,
I am posting this to get out information about this issue, as BMW currently has no "fix" for it. The first instance occurred while in our garage when I wanted to move the bike. I thought the battery was dead so I connected the charger and checked it later that day. The bike would still not crank. It was then I noticed no "lights" on in the inst cluster and the display reading "IGN OFF". I disconnected and reconnected the battery and restored operation. This left no trouble codes in the ECU.
The next time it occurred when we were driving in downtown Little Rock, when it just shut down with the same symptoms in the cluster. I first disconnected the fuel ECU without affect. I then disconnected the battery and again restored operation and made it home.
I was going back to Al for a visit so I dropped the bike off with Big#1 in B'ham and have been told that BMW says that the display does not have the capability to say "IGN OFF" and they could not reproduce the problem.
I am a retired mechanic and I have seen this kind of issue many times before and I do not fault Big#1 in any way, as you can not fix a problem unless it will "act up" for the technician. The BMW "help line" depends on the experience of the computer operator contacted
I will pick up the bike and contact BMW myself to see what can be done and post the results.
Thanks for reading