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Thread: Let's do a Canada meet up at the Beer Garden!

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    Quote Originally Posted by squiffynimrod View Post
    Despicable, huh?

    We set up shop in the corner of the other tent closer to the stage, to me they were all beer garden tents.

    The highlight was creating honourary Canadians: give us your name, we'll give you a home town and a Canadian job.

    My new pal John from NYC became John from Dildo, Newfoundland who was an unemployed highway flag person. It went downhill from there.

    But more importantly we all drank a toast to bogthebasher. Hopefully Mary will post up the pic when she and Bob get back home.

    Good times!

    Picture taken prior to the Being An Honorary Canadian assembly and much prior to the dancing with the Black Sheep line-up. Cheers Ken! - Bob

    Bob Weber
    Larry's River, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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    Thanks Bob!

    No pithy comments available at this time.
    Please check back later.

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    Thanks for the toast everyone! See you in Des Moines next year.
    Ken Dittrick
    2008 R1200RT (Biarritz Blau)

    Excuses are the rocks upon which our dreams are crushed - Tim Fargo

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    On to Des Moines!
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