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Thread: Does anyone use Airbnb when touring?

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    Does anyone use Airbnb when touring?

    I'm at the early stages of planning a trip and I'm wondering about using Airbnb.

    The difficulty I'm most concerned about is that one cannot predict exactly which day one will arrive in the area. If it rains, I'll be a day late. If the off-highway road turns out to be under construction, I might just get outta the place, so then I'll be early.

    Does anyone have experience using Airbnb?

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    Not sure if you got your thread display worked out...let us know if there's still an issue. I see that you're still in the "threaded" view category...using the "Linear - Older First" might be more helpful.

    I've never used these types of services, not even on regular travel. But I found a few threads which suggest other networks when traveling.!
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    I've used Airbnb several times and have been very pleased. I found an historic Victorian home in SLC for the National Rally that is about a mile from the Rally location. Private room and bath for $40 a night (vs. $140 for a hotel room). I've had several communications with the owner. One of the things I like about Airbnb (in addition to the cost/value proposition) is the connection with a local to recommend restaurants, services, etc.

    The only risk I see for you with not being sure about your arrival is there won't be any available Airbnb lodging once you do make a reservation. I've found that cancellation policies do vary by the owner. I've also found that lodging in typical resort areas usually has a minimum stay (my SLC reservation required a minimum of 2 nights.)

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    I like making arrangements in advance, but with a cross country trip I'm not sure how one can positively predict which day one will show up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TdeV View Post
    I like making arrangements in advance, but with a cross country trip I'm not sure how one can positively predict which day one will show up!
    I don't like to make a lot of reservations on multi week trips for several reasons.
    Most times I do not have a exact route planned because I tend to change my mind on where to go during the trip.
    Sometimes we stay a couple days in a town where I thought 1 would be enough. This happens when we stumble across points of interest we did not know about.
    When the weather's bad it's nice knowing we do not have to make it to a certain location.

    If we are headed to a location we're familiar with, we may make a reservation the night before, or make a reservation late morning or early afternoon.
    If we have not been to a certain town before we like to check out the town and motels before picking a place.

    When you make a reservation, try to pick places that let you cancel the same day without charging you a fee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post

    When you make a reservation, try to pick places that let you cancel the same day without charging you a fee.
    During an 8900-mile, 6-week trip last Fall, I started to find that many places now are charging a room charge if you cancel less than 24 hours (usually the day before the res.). This policy stifles flexibility. Also, don't forget to become a member of the IHG system. BMW MOA folks get a pretty good discount if you're registered before-hand. IHG also has a useful app for the iPhone and probably for Android too. Here's the information (from the MOA website) which tells you how to sign up:

    InterContinental Hotel Group offers BMW MOA members a 14.5% discount over regular rates. Properties include Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Candlewood Suites. Enter BMW MOA's corporate code, 100291130, for appropriate discount rate."

    I have used AirBnB for some reservations, and enjoyed some interesting conversations with people, and seen some pretty nice sights. Here is the view from the private apartment of an AirBnB place in the hills above Medford, OR:


    Have fun!
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    I've only used AirBnB for trips where I know when I'm going to arrive and depart. Have yet to book one 'on the fly' so to speak.
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