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Thread: Music to my Ears

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    Big Ears

    I havta say everything was a compromise and the high pitched wind noise, tranny noise would do me in, and added a lot of fatigue for all day running. I finally ditched the speakers and went with the Big Ear system with stereo ear plugs. They take an impression of your ear canal and the ear plugs fit snugly in and eliminate about 90% of road noise, especially the high pitched end of the spectrum. The music can be turned down much lower without all the noise, and you can hear everything in the music, every instrument. They're expensive though. I bought the ones with extra bass and they were $600.00 but I never get on the bike without them. Less tired at the end of the day's run too.

    Well worth the money, a different world with these things in.


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    I just got an advertisement for this noise cancelling headphone. It's for industrial use and implies it can deal with very loud noises:
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