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Thread: Best Seat Height for a 1200 GS/GSA

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    Best Seat Height for a 1200 GS/GSA

    I'm 6 ft. tall with a 32 inch inseam. I'm wondering if I could get some advise on what would be the best seat height for me with a 1200 GS or GSA. My understanding is that the GS can be had with either a 30 or 33 inch seat height and the GSA with a 35 inch seat height. I have been looking at a GS I like with the lower 30 inch seat option, but think that may be too low for me. Maybe that seat height could be adjusted.

    Thanks for any advise.

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    I'm a bit taller 6'2" 35 inseam and I keep mine at the highest setting.I still flat foot. Even if I couldn't totally flat foot I would still keep it there because I find the extra height much easier on my knees when riding. (Stock GSA).
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    I'm also 6' with a 32" inseam. I bought a 1200GS last year with the standard seat and it has been fine for me. I'm away from home so couldn't tell you if I keep the seat in the high or low position. It is a tall bike and I do find myself sort of hopping on one foot to get into the saddle, but it's been a perfect seat height for riding and it is no problem to flat foot it at intersections. One of the things I like about the bike compared to my 1150RT is that my knees are not bent as much, something I would definitely miss with the lowered seat. The only issue I could see is for a rider our height with strength or flexibility issues you may need to step onto the foot peg to swing your leg over the bike. I've done that just to try it and it works well.

    Any chance you could test ride one and see how it feels? I was surprised to find that when I test rode a RTW it felt really cramped, something I have not experienced with my older 02 RT.
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    If you're trying to decide between a low seat model and the std, absolutely get the std, no question. I'm 5'10", with a 30" inseam, and I found the low seat model to just be generally uncomfortable and annoying, sat too "deep" into the bike. Then had my saddle reworked by a local custom builder, as the stock saddle is way too soft. You still have a variety of adjustments from there with the stock set-up for height.
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    I rode a 2015 R1200 GS in the Alps. I have a 28 inch inseam and I rode a lowered suspension bike with the standard seat in the low position. It is a tall bike. However getting the lowered suspension, gained about an inch, by using the regular seat kept my bum to peg ratio the same as the standard seats talked about above. There's also a high position for the seat to give you even more room between your bum and the pegs.

    Test ride both bikes and see how you like it. If you're not going off-road, you're not sacrificing anything with the lowered suspension, OK some suspension travel, likely not in issue.
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