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Thread: 1988 r100rt, how many keys?

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    1988 r100rt, how many keys?

    I am finalizing a deal on a 1988 R100RT, but I'm not sure how many different keys originally came with this model. The previous owner has a ring with several different keys on it but the only one that will turn is the ignition key. I can't get any other locks (seat, fork, glove boxes, or gas cap) to work. Fortunately, none of these are locked so I can still operate the bike but I don't know how many different keys originally came with the bike. There is no owners manual with the bike either. I don't know if I have the wrong keys, or if these other locks are gummed up or worse. Any help?

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    My limited knowledge says there should only be one key for the the ignition, seat, and gas cap. For my /7, which came with a cable fork lock that fits into the frame tube under the tank, that lock requires a second key. I have Wixom hard bags which has its own key. I bought a second long cable lock, which has yet another key. So it is possible that the R100RT has some aftermarket products which have their own key.

    So, the current owner has no idea where the additional keys came from? Are there past owners prior that the current owner?

    When you get the bike, take a picture of the various keys and post them in hopes that someone will recognize the shape of various keys that might help with what they operate.
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    My '84 R100RT uses the ignition key to open the fairing pockets, seat lock, and steering lock. My OEM "touring case" bags use a different key (1 key operates all 6 lock cylinders on them; they are the later ones that have the cylindrical locks), but they were transferred from my previous bike. I have replaced my gas cap, and didn't bother to have it keyed to the ignition (I don't bother locking it, either--if gas gets back to $4+/gal., a thief only has to pull off a fuel line and turn on the petcock to get my 6 gallons, so I don't get the point of that lock), so I have another key for it, I guess. I don't know whether the locks on the still-later monoshock "integral bags" were keyed to the ignition key, or not; if not, there should be one key for those six lock cylinders, assuming that the pair of bags are the OEM pieces. Lotsa locks.

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    I have an 88R100RT and one key operates the ignition, seat lock, gas cap, fork lock and side pockets. It sounds like the ignition key lock was replaced, but not re-keyed (if that was possible) to match the original. The only other key I have is for the saddle bags.
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    1988 r100rt, how many keys?

    Thanks for responses, I have glove box lock cylinders soaking in PB blaster. This bike has been sitting for about 3 years, perhaps the locks are gummed up. I will keep working on them. Fortunately the ignition does turn so I will be able to start the bike. there are no locks on the bags.

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    The bags probably do have locks on them, but they're hidden under the little flat, spring-loaded hatch in the middle of the latching mechanism. The older "touring cases" had these sort of locks on them. If you have a weird, short key among the bike's key collection, it's probably for the bag latches/locks.

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    My 88 RT has only one key that operates everything .

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    Patio--Thanks for confirming that the "integral" bags work that way. I think the transition was made between the "touring cases" and the integral bags sometime during the '88 production year. And, uh, your front fender's on backwards.

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