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Thread: Where's my member #?; New member in Montgomery, Alabama

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    Where's my member #?; New member in Montgomery, Alabama

    Greetings from Montgomery, Alabama! First time member here.

    Quick question, I just became a member but can't find my member number anywhere. Will my number get generated soon?


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    Welcome to the MOA and forum! I'm sure your number has already been assigned but your package of information hasn't been sent yet. You can contact the office or find Ray Tubbs via Private Message for some help.
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    I think this link will take you directly to your profile and member number:

    It was not easy to find.

    From the top of the main page (not the forum), the "My Profile" button puts you on the "Social Link" portion of the site, and then you need to select one of the "edit" options to see the member number.

    Hopefully this maze will become easier to navigate once the "social" changes are complete. So far, I don't find the social changes to very friendly.
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    Thanks for the help. I called the office and was told I signed up the day after they generated the latest batch member numbers. My number should be generated at the 1st of next month.

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