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Thread: Driving lights

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    Driving lights

    I would like to install driving lights on my 97 R1100RT. Since I am all for learning from others' successes and misadventures, I would appreciate hearing from first hand experience. This is deer country and shoulder illumination is a good thing. However, reaching out is also good. I would like one strong beam to run in conjunction with the high beam and a wider beam to operate with the low beam. I would also like the light housings to match. My 92 PD is setup this way, but I haven't found suitable lights for the RT. Suggestions?

    John Florine

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    I like PIAA 910s on brackets.

    I believe the 910 is being end-of-lifed, so you may have a hard time finding them. Any 100W driving lamp would probably work fine on the emp brackets that place them up high, over the mirrors.

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    Deer are so plentiful where I live, they are considered almost vermin. I have a set of moto lights on my bike, and I like them a lot. I can see deer eyes way out there and pretty far off the road. I have had 6 friends hit deer on motorcycles and many more than that with cages. The moto lights work great, but it would come down to what you like and can afford, since there are many really good lighting systems out there. Mine are fork mounted, and there are caliper mounts available also.
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