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Thread: EZCAN Issue

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    EZCAN Issue

    Hi all,

    I have had an Ezcan installed on my 2016GS for about two months now, and as of a few days ago, it was working great. However, suddenly my auxiliary lights have stopped working. After re-examining connections and trying to reset the software, this is what I have found:

    If I use the setup software and plug the USB cable to the device, the lights work again. However, as soon as I unplug the USB, the lights go off. I also notice that the little green light on the device goes out. Should that light be on even when not connected to the software?

    It seems like the device is not holding the configuration information when not connected to the PC and configuration software. I'm thinking that perhaps it's only getting power from the USB connection and not the battery, but all other electrical functions on the bike work fine. Has anyone run into this before? Am I missing something simple?

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    New and rare item, so few of us will have experience.

    Might be infant mortality, might be what you have connected, might be software.

    Should be under warranty.

    Do let us know the outcome!
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    Been running this for a few months now.

    Is your software up to date? Are you picking the correct config for how you are using the ezCAN? Is the inline fuse blown on the positive side of the ezCAN? No light would send me here first. I would check negative also.

    If all else fails e-mail them they were pretty good getting back to me but I was a very early adopter of the unit. Others have said they can be slow in response.
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    Ain't technology wonderful? I have reached the point where these kinds of glitches drive me nuts. When Voni catches me grumbling colorful words expanding her vocabulary she knows I just discovered another technology failure.
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    ...searched for 'EZcan' so this came up...

    My EZcan with Denali D2's installed per instructions to a T worked fine for about2 months.
    Then they started going out or working intermittently.
    I tried everything. Re-wiring, updating firmeware and re programming, et al.
    Hex responded and walked me through suggestions.
    Unplug it and re-plug it.
    Check disganostics.
    Check fuse.

    They asked me to send it back to The Beemershop where I bought it....evidently a faulty unit.
    So now I wait.
    Just putting me down for a fail.
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