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Thread: 2018 International Rally to be in Des Moines, Iowa July 12-15, 2018

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    Thanks for the info! Def. going to pre-register, and yeah I need to go to one of the meet-ups soon, and introduce myself to the local charters.
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    Loose Meat Sandwich

    Coming home from Elkader,Iowa Moto Guzzi Rally a few years back, we stopped at a gas station for fuel in Waterloo. We were standing by the building stretching our legs as a squirrly looking guy in a Corvette pulled up to the pump. He filled then walked up to pay. On his way he inquired as to where you could purchase one of the famous "Goose Meat Sandwiches". My buddy and I both looked each other with a strange look but couldn't figure out what he meant. Then suddenly Matt says "Loose Meat Sandwich". The guy wanted a MaidRite but had misunderstood and asked for Goose Meat. He wasted no time leaving.
    We've had many laughs about it since.

    Mike Bowlin

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