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Thread: Schubert C4

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    Schubert C4

    Has anyone got one yet or tried one on?
    wondering how the size runs in comparison to C3
    My dealer Long Beach says there are due anytime, my C3 is in need of replacement

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    I saw a prototype a few months ago. According to the Schuberth rep is was 3d printed and not too helpful to try on. I was told by my dealer that Schuberth was talking about the end of May now.
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    According to Schuberth Rep...

    According to a Schuberth rep at my local dealer's Spring open house this past Saturday 4/29, they are expecting the C4 to ship towards the end of May. Apparently they are shipping in Europe, but those helmets are not DOT certified. He had a prototype helmet on display, but said it was primarily to show the new shape.

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