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Thread: R1150 RT mirrors

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    R1150 RT mirrors

    I need to replace both mirror assemblies on my 2002 R1150RT. The right mirror case was scratched up a few years ago and now, after having been foolish enough to ride from San Diego to La Paz with hooligans on dirt bikes, my left mirror case is badly scratched and the mirror itself is broken.

    There are aftermarket replacements from China on eBay. Does anyone have any experience with them? I welcome any advice.


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    It looks like no one has any experience with the aftermarket mirrors for the R1150RT. If I do try them, I'll let you know about the quality & fit.

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    I'm sure you know that the mirror itself is a replaceable part. Not cheap, but not super expensive. Fix the mirror and polish up the outer plastic. It's not going into a museum is it?
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    I have replaced the glass in my right hand mirror twice from going down.
    I am living with the scratches and scuffs in the fiberglass.

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    I have experience with installing one for a local club member on a R1100RT. I needed to shave some plastic buttons off the back to get it to fit and lock onto the posts fully. The bulb socket mount was backwards so I had to do some more modification to allow the socket to rotate in and lock. It wasn't perfect, but at the end of the day it worked with some tweaking. The paint color wasn't quite an exact match, but fairly of close.

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    I appreciate the advice & info. I think I will just get a new mirror and live with the scratches (including a few gouges).


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    Those are character marks.
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    Chinese 1150rt mirrors

    I bought and installed some Chinese mirrors about five years ago for my 2004 1150RT. I remember they had a limited color choice, like blue and silver. I needed silver and the color match was good but the paint was not as even as original. Fit was secure but again not as good as original. Mirror was very good and distortion free. Same vibration-wise as original. From a distance they were perfect and they were about $100 apiece.

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