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Thread: Who makes the most reliable motorcycle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mika View Post
    This should be a concern for leadership. The MOA is moving away from where BMW is, potential members and their needs.

    I agree with the latter but no longer the former. Clearly longer rides and touring are what the majority of MOA members are interested in. BMW riders present a much more complex combination of ridding styles and interests.
    I am seeing some pretty myopic opinions here. BMW riders run a wide gamut. Sure the young rider with little cash is likely on something else, certainly not an RT. If you look outside the touring segment of MOA and BMW there is a much larger market that is active. Just look at the continued sales of the "premium" bikes that BMW sells, whether it is naked, race, road, or off-road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsuited View Post
    No way. BMW riders are more into longer rides, touring, and so on. With the emphasis on actually riding, it is natural for BMW folks to be into practical riding gear to deal with a wider range of weather while on longer rides. We're also into surviving get-offs so we can live to ride another day - thus the emphasis on full-face helmets, full-coverage riding gear, and *gasp* making ourselves more visible to other motorists by the use of auxiliary lighting and hi-viz gear. In general, we don't submit to peer pressure to wear black from head to toe like the pirates do. It's got nothing to do with image, it's all about function - and common sense.

    Ride any brand bike you want, just don't tell me what motivates me or try to tell me why I dress the way I do when I ride.


    AGREED ..... that's what motivated me to the marquee......that and the machines reliability
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