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Thread: Best Place to Camp at Sturgis rally

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    Best Place to Camp at Sturgis rally

    Before anyone else says Texas or somewhere similar, yes I do intend to go for the week and camp.

    As I have never been to Sturgis, South Dakota, or anywhere else other than LA and AZ.

    As part of my bucket list tour of the US I will be going to Sturgis, but have no idea where the various camp sites are in relation to Sturgis itself and other events.

    Is there a BMW section amongst all the Harleys? (I doubt it, but worth asking).

    I'm really young at heart, although the body tells a different story, so don't mind a 'vibrant' environment as I don't generally have a problem going asleep.

    Some of the sites have shuttle buses I believe, which would be good if I wanted to go out for a drink (and not drive/ride of course).

    Oh, I will be travelling on my own as well if that makes a difference.

    Any/all (legal and decent) suggestions appreciated.

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    I stayed here in 2011 and 2013. Cheap, close to downtown. Bathhouses not the best, but passable for my low (cheap) standards

    This year, I talked the missus into going with me, and we're renewing our vows (25th anniversary) in Sturgis. We're renting a cabin here: It looks really nice, and is away from the bustle of downtown.

    Sturgis is a great time. All manner of bikes are there, including BMWs, although Harleys are most abundant.

    Have a great time!

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    The Cincinnati Ohio riverfront (Ky side) & the Cape/Space Coast of Flordia.... when not out -- "travel'n"

    Thumbs up Still a good choice...

    A few years back, the MOA supported a Rally effort that included the Black Hills Rally, the MOA in Gillette WY and the Top of the Rockies in CO...
    called it the "Coyboy Hat Trick".

    We used the Chris Campground very near Spearfish for the first element, and it was very nice... still is. Read: clean, quiet, and shaded. Professionally operated.
    I've been back twice since near the Sturgis dates and they still love having BMW's as a guest motorbike. Wonder why.

    "travel'n" john
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    I have stayed at Hog Heaven also and like mentioned, it is right in town and really not a bad place to stay. Actually, I think I have stayed there 4 times total. A friend mentioned one east of Sturgis, east of the Buffalo Chip, and for the life of me I can't remember the name, he stays there every year. The campground runs buses back and forth to town and he rarely rides his bike into town. But then he loves to party too. I will see if I can get the name of it if you are interested, I did a search and didn't come up with anything I recognized.

    Sturgis is a great time. I go nearly every year. I only hang out in town for a day or so, and then I just ride the hills! Granted, there are better times to ride the Black Hills, but I do that too. I'm not that far away.

    Good luck!

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    Lately we've gone the week before or the week after the Big Shindig. Still lots of people but not nearly as hard to get around.
    We've stayed at a friend's house so can't help you there.

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    A lot of the BMW folks used to congregate at the Whispering Pines campground, after the Black Hills Riders stopped hosting a camp out.

    Weve stayed at a motel in Spearfish, but there's also a campsite right in town. Spearfish is a great place; fun, and a lot quieter than Sturgis.

    Voni's idea of going just before or after the big fete is a good one, or catch a day or two at the beginning or the end, to experience the excitement.

    It's worth going there at least once. And you want to get the Sturgis BMW T shirt, from the local dealer.
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