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Thread: Looking For A GS Destination In 2018?

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    Looking For A GS Destination In 2018?

    With Alaska now being accessible to just about every kind of bike, I'm sure you medium-to-hard-core GS riders are looking for a challenge.

    I've just learned of a new road to be completed by the end of this year. From Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk - on the Arctic ocean. So, which one of you guys is going to be on the first motorcycle to ride into Tuk?

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    There are folks lining-up to make the ride in conjunction with Dust 2 Dawson in June. I haven't kept up with the dialogue, but I understand the road may not be officially open, but rideable none the less. Ask The Dick over on the ADVRIDER Alaska page. He lives in Dawson and seems to know the most current info.
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