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Thread: Northern VT and NH m/c roads

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    Northern VT and NH m/c roads

    I haven't been to VT since the early '90's when on course at the Mountain Warfare School in Jericho. Can those with local knowledge recommend scenic or twisty routes with a decent paved riding surface in VT and NH. Internet searches, except for VT SR 100, seem to bring up dated information with warnings about frost heaves.


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    It's hard to find a bad road up here. Of course 100, but I like to mix it up a bit. If you look at a map of Vermont you'll see 100 just to the east of the Green Mountains. To the west you'll see 7, 16, and a couple of others running north to south. Between east and west, like the rungs of a ladder, are just a few through roads. Those are the famed Gaps of the Greens. If you bounce back and forth along those gaps you'll have a great time! Route 12 between Bethel and Morrisville is lightly traveled and very scenic. Ditto for Route 14 between Bethel and Craftsbury. Further north, 104 east of Richford offers scenic sweepers, and 242 over Jay Peak is nice. In NH, locate Lincoln. Between that town and Conway is 212, the legendary Kancamagus Hwy. Unless you really like heavy traffic I'd stop short of Conway and take Bear Notch Rd north to 302 back toward Vermont, maybe riding to the summit of Mt Washington in the process.

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    We did all of these suggested routes last year and had a great time.

    There were lots of good input on my thread from back then:

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    Many thanks! Great info.

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