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Thread: 2017 r1200gs - gs911

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    2017 r1200gs - gs911

    Anyone know what is happening with the GS911 and the new 1200GS ? I bought the adapter but there are basically no functions available with the new bike ?
    David Nicholls
    Teulon Manitoba - Canada

    2015 R1200GSA-LC

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    I believe you need the U4 adaptor cable. $30

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    Brian Hinton
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    Which GS911 do you have? If it is the older yellow colored model, then it is my understanding that it will not work on the Wetheads and you will need to use the newer red colored model. If you have the red model and cannot get it to work, then I suggest calling Ted at the Beemershop. Ted is very knowledgeable about the GS911. I've never heard of using an adapter on any GS911, but I could be out of the loop.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Brian Hinton
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    Brian may be correct see here There is anew EU plug this adptor will connect to GS 911 with the new EU4 style OBD-II diagnostic connector. But for sure you must use the Red GS911


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