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Thread: End of Route 66 in Santa Monica

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    End of Route 66 in Santa Monica

    My wife and I are going to ride Route 66 end to end in late summer. I have some questions about the end of 66 in Santa Monica and I hope someone familiar with the area can offer some advice. We'd like to spend a couple of nights there at the end of ride close to the ocean. Can anyone recommend a motel/hotel? Ideally we want something within walking distance of the beach. Is there a beach for swimming or body surfing? Any other info that's pertinent would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 217don View Post
    . Is there a beach for swimming or body surfing? .
    There's a State Beach at the end of Santa Monica Boulevard which is the end of 66.
    Zoom in to see the coast area.

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    Plenty of beach; the water is cold...
    Several hotels and motels in the immediate vicinity; sorry I have no recommendations, but count on big bucks, considering the location. A few blocks inland should save you a bit; try the 4th Street exit and explore around there. I don't specifically recall, but I think the Santa Monica Civic Center includes a Chamber of Commerce right there - they should be able to help with accommodations. Parking at or near the beach will gouge you (except for the public parking multi-story garage a few blocks inland), so keep the bike at the motel and walk, easy.

    The west end of Interstate 10 reduces the speed limit, and narrows down to two lanes and goes through a short tunnel, turning right/north - the lanes are tight, so watch out for "drifters"; the tunnel is also fairly dark, but very short. Concrete barrier to your left, and concrete wall to your right - just stay in your lane and all is fine.

    This same tunnel also joins I-10 with Pacific Coast Highway northbound, typically pretty heavy traffic, and even white-lining can be tight. This section is the California Incline, and has many accidents as idjits jockey for position or try to turn into the beach parking areas. Standard comments re cell phones and texting...

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    In my former life, the office was at 3rd and Wilshire, 7th floor. Looked down on the beach, pier, etc. There are a number of places on Ocean Ave
    Holiday Inn - Santa Monica
    Travelodge - Santa Monica Beach
    Best Western- Ocean View
    Oean Lodge Beach Hotel
    Lowes Hotel Santa Monica Beach
    There is also a Double Tree and a Sheraton in the area just another block over (east)


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    More thoughts on Santa Monica
    Keep in mind yoy will be in the Republic of Santa Monica and things are a little different than most other places. While you will find lodging along the beach, it is quite expensive. You might be better off finding an unoccupied bush on the cliff overlooking PCH and bed down with the homeless, it would be less expensive, but be careful as they protect their spots and can get aggressive
    If you are not on a budget, go for it, but if expense is of concern, go inland a ways to find lower rates.


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    My wife and I hope to ride to Santa Monica and visit the Pier etc. I have been looking at motels in the area and it looks like its ether $$$$$ or flea bag.
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    Queen Mary

    Its a bit expensive, but just a short hop from santa monica, and really cool to stay on the queen mary

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    Looks like some decent places/prices on AirBnB:

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    I stayed at Ocean View hotel in late Feb. Good place, not a lot of frills, no bar, but many are close. It is clean and it is safe. Right by the pier. Can walk everywhere. Cora's Coffee Shop for breakfast was really nice.

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    Not sure where you are from or your experience with SoCal. An end to end route 66 ride is a great idea.

    Most of the ride will be a great adventure. But when you reach the end and the greater L.A. metro area, expect traffic, lots and lots of traffic. This area was recently declared the most congested place on the planet. So expect to sit in traffic and put up with some of the most rude drivers in the world. Not trying to ruin your plans, but if you know this up front, you can adjust travel time and when you hit the long lines of brake lights, it won't be too much of a shock. L.A. freeways and surface streets can be a real challenge to someone on two wheels and isn't use to them. And if you can find suitable lodgings (And I'm sure you will), making sure it includes parking, that will help a lot.

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