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Thread: CA1 Closure

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    This is a new slide, it occurred around 24 of May....
    Hwy 1 slide 2.jpg

    It's here...
    Hwy 1 slide.jpg

    "Here" is about 7 miles north of Ragged Point. Nacimiento-
    Fergusson road is on the other side.
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    As of June 15th this was as far as you could go northbound from Cambria.

    Photo Jun 15, 11 49 54 AM.jpg

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    If you'd like to read the Pollyanna view of this whole thing, it's here:
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    California's Hwy 1 in the Big Sur area Jan. 2018

    Just to be clear: The bridge at Pfieffer Canyon has been rebuilt and is open providing access on Hwy all the way to Gorda. The Hwy is one lane at Paul's Slide for a short stretch as work is on going to repair that section but it is passable. Be careful this area, lots of marbles on the road. Hwy 1 is closed just south of Gorda (where you can buy gas for $7/gal). The Mud Creek slide is proving to be a real problem and there is no definite planned opening of the hwy beyond Gorda in the immediate future. The hillside is still moving and the slide in May was massive. Regardless, riding CA 1 from Monterey to Gorda is a spectacular ride even if you can't go all the way to San Louis Obispo.

    We rode down to Gorda from Santa Cruz on Hwy 1 and camped at the Plaskett Creek campground. Plaskett Creek is a great place to camp and you can eat in Gorda or at Tree Bones resort. If you have never been, you have to check out Tree Bones, it is an amazing place. ( ) It was 51 degrees and foggy in the campground when we decided to head up to Tree Bones for dinner. Tree Bones is about 2 miles south from the campground and a mile off Hwy 1 up on the mountain. There it was nearly 70 degrees, and the outdoor bar was only a few feet above the fog which made for a spectacular setting with an ocean of fog at our feet.

    On the way back (never liking to retrace our route) we rode over Naciamento-Fregusson Rd. to Jolon Rd. The views of the Big Sur coast from Naciamento-Fergusson Rd. are incomparable as it raises 2500 ft. above the coast in a short distance. Coast Ridge 1.jpg
    GS riders will want to take a detour at the top onto Coast Ridge Rd. (it's dirt) which follows the spine of the mountains into the backcountry with lots of amazing vistas. From where this picture was taken on a clear day you can see all the way to the Sierra's in the east.

    On the east side of the Santa Lucias N-F Rd. cuts through Fort Hunter Liggett. Take Jolon Rd. left to Hwy 101 north. Be careful to watch your speed when on the Army base, it's a Federal ticket if you get busted. Taking 101 north is boring, with bad cross winds, lots of traffic and cars entering the road all over the place. Stop in Salinas for great carnitas at El Zacatecano ( ). From Salinas we headed back to the coast on backroads through Prunedale (or as we say "Prunetuky") avoiding the beaten path as much as possible until rejoining Hwy 1.

    If you're really into a staying off the beaten path get off 101 in Greenfield take Elm Rd. west out to Arroyo Seco Rd and it eventually tuns into Carmel Valley Rd. Carmel Valley road takes you back over the coast range to Hwy 1. It's a long and winding road but worth the effort if you have the time.

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    Ca 1

    I understand that Cal Trans has spanned the Pfeiffer Canyon with a new bridge that is now open. Has anyone ridden on Hiway for first hand closure information about the closures south of Pfeiffer? Love that road, hoping to ride it while attending the summer World Superbike races......

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