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Thread: Looking for input. Adding a side car to an F650GS

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    Looking for input. Adding a side car to an F650GS

    I am considering adding a sidecar to my F650GS. Looking for advice from folks with experience running this type of rig.
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    I've seen a couple of F650GS, with a Sputnik sidecar attached. I imagine that they had to ad a sub-frame to the bike to attach the sidecar to but don't know for sure. Color matched they really looked good. Usually when adding a sidecar to any bike there are other mods necessary to make it handle and perform well. Usually gearing (lowered), suspension (stiffened for handling), and steering mods. Sometimes a steering damper will be added as well. A lot of folks also look at changing to tires more applicable to sidecar use. Not sure what kind of a response you'll receive here but you might also look at the Adventure Rider website in their hack section. They have pretty active forum there with a lot of collective knowledge regarding your inquiry. Good luck with your plan.
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    Should not be a problem, a lot of people are hacking KLR 650's. It will not be a highway screamer but should do well otherwise. DMC has only a couple of the Sputnics left. They are $3200 and include thee subframe. Ditto on checking the hack pages on ADVRider. Also,

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