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Thread: ECU replacement

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    ECU replacement

    I have to replace my ECU due to damage. Can I just swap one out from eBay or do I need to take it to the dealer for programming?

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    I think your only big issue will be the donor bikes mileage being stored in the ECU. If it is off a like model, I wouldn't expect issues.
    Have had to have a dealer set mph vs. kph on a new Hexhead instrument cluster I couldn't do with a GS911...don't recall if the mileage total showed up once the new unit in place as it was a few years back and my bro in laws bike...they may have done both. May need them to sync it with what displays on cluster if possible to be actual mileage.
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    Thanks. That is good to know. I wonder if the dealer can match the mileage? I was more worried about it working than the mileage. I think the mileage maybe stored in a couple of places. e will see

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