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Thread: Threads under GEAR limited to 2 pages?

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    Threads under GEAR limited to 2 pages?

    Why are the threads under the topic GEAR limited to 2 pages?

    Older GEAR threads can be accessed, but not directly. For example, if I've written something under gear that has slipped beyond the 2nd page, then I can only access that thread by going to my profile and looking at threads to which I've contributed. Then I can click on that link and thereby indirectly access the thread.

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    That is not supposed to happen. Can you tell me what thread this is happening on, cause I can not get it to happen on my machine?

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    Ok, first I login, then I go to the topic "GEAR". I see available pages 1 of 2.
    I go to the second page. The last thread shown (as of right now) has a Last Post date of 12/02/05.

    I was trying to access a thread called "Making Motorcycle Videos" which has a Last Post date of 11/29/05. That thread is not displayed (it would be on a page 3 of Gear, if such existed).

    I can go to my profile and find where I contributed to this thread and thereby gain access to it.

    This issue does not seem to be limited to the GEAR topic. In fact, when I checked "Ride Reports" I see that only 2 pages of threads are available. Same for "Clubhouse" and "Airheads".

    The topic "Campfire" is showing 4 pages of threads. "Oilheads" is showing 3 pages of threads. Sorry, but I don't have any interest in K-bikes. :-)

    I checked this using both a Mac (with OS X) and a PC using XP-Pro.

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    At the bottom of the threads page, you have a "display options" window. I think it is set to one month, so the pages available are for the last month. Select another option, such as 45 days or two months, you will see the number of pages increase.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Don't forget to click on "show threads" after changing the one month to something else. I just selected the 45 days option and your thread shows up on page three, just as you thought.

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    Thanks Rich - that approach does work. I discovered, however, that there is no "memory" of my thread display preference unless I go to "User CP". There I can alter my thread display preference from the display default. Then I'll always be able to see further back in thread space.

    I appreciate the prompt feedback - now I've got a lot more readin' to do!

    Happy New Year to all!

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