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Thread: Newby from Lancaster California

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    Newby from Lancaster California

    Hi Gang!

    Thanks for letting me join this awesome group. I just picked up a 2004 R1100S. Only bout 34,000 Miles on it. I knew I would like it, but found that I actually lust after it. lol.. I also ride a 2005 1200 Sportster, which is also a fun ride but in a different way. So here is a photo of the machine. So sweet to ride!

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    Welcome, Hans! When I lived in Lancaster, working at Edwards, I didn't have my BMWs yet. I had my trusty Honda 750. Went all over that area. Fun riding...when the wind wasn't blowing!!
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    Hans - I've always thought that model and color-scheme were the best. Looks gorgeous in the sun, doesn't it? I saw one like that sitting next to a BMW K1 in Santa Cruz, California (right by CA1) years ago. Another gorgeous bike, IMHO.

    Welcome to the Forums. Lots of good stuff here!
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