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Thread: RT riding female motor officer

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    RT riding female motor officer

    Interesting read on female officer from California. Third tour on motors:

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    Very nice, thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for posting the article.

    A very special and dedicated 'Motor.' She's a credit to the profession!

    I had to say "Adios" after 7 years on motors (it's called retirement). Sad day.

    I know how she felt - glad she's back in the saddle, and on a Beemer no less.
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    Great article (there was an earlier post about this around a week ago).

    Nice to see not just the passion, but also that she and her fellow motor officers are having fun doing it and hamming it up a bit as well. Hopefully, they will al have a safe and rewarding time for as long as they wish to continue.
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    Riding to work

    Best thing about this is that this lady is getting to do work that she loves.
    WORK is a 4-letter word.
    It's wonderful when someone likes what they do, but it is great when one loves it. Not all of us get that opportunity.
    Good for her. Great attitude.
    Keep on riding.

    Sammy Joe

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