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Thread: Abba Skylift - Anyone used this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skibumwi View Post
    I've had the lift for quite a few months and the issues are pretty minor, I still highly recommend it:

    1) Because the swing arm pivot is so close to the ground on the '16 RT the lift arms don't quite line up with it , the arms are about 1/2 inch too long. I get around this by parking my bike with the back wheel on a piece of 2x6 wood, and then putting the bike in gear to keep it from rolling off while I'm attaching the bike. By raising the rear of the bike this small amount (1.5") the mounts line up on the swing arm pivot easily.

    2) I'd like to see some larger diameter caster wheels used. The stand rolls around great on smooth concrete but not so good on a 40 year old garage floor with cracks.

    3) This one's really minor and more related to my forgetfulness. In order to use the lift in any other position than stoppie there is a plastic drum that fits into the hub of the rear wheel. You then attached straps between the hub and various points of the lift to achieve either wheelie, or horizontal positions. The problem is that I keep forgetting to remove the hub before driving away, luckily I've found the hub laying in the street about 50 feet down the road so have not lost it. I've attached a piece of rope to the hub and tied it to the lift too keep this from happening.

    Thanks for the update!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffshoaf View Post
    Thanks for the update!
    I have a 2010 rt will the skylift work?

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