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Thread: Tyres and service in Minneapolis

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    Tyres and service in Minneapolis

    In June I will be shipping my 1200GSA to North America for two months. I will be looking to fit new tyres in Minneapolis before starting the Iron Butt Rally along with a service at the end. Can anyone recommend a dealer in the Minneapolis area for me.

    Thank You


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    There is a new dealer opening in a few weeks in Richfield which is very close to the airport.
    I'm sure they will be making a big splash.
    The other dealer I highly recommend is Moon's Motorsports in Monticello, MN. Out of the way but very competent and accommodating.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you. All of those would work for me so I'll make some calls during the week, probably try Moons first as I expect to come via Duluth. I'll be arriving in Toronto on June 15th and taking a gentle ride to make sure everything is ok after the flight and expect to arrive in Minneapolis for the 21st.

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