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Thread: Unused G650GS

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    Unused G650GS

    Bike has 70 miles on it and has been sitting unridden. Eventually my wife will get her license and start riding it. Anyone have the injector gum up?
    it's been stored with Seafoam in the gas, but now it won't start. Is the injector easy to get to?
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    I would make sure the voltage from the battery is good during the start cycle. You need pretty close to 12V to see anything happen.
    I would start by spraying aerosol Gumout into the intake and see what happens. It's ok to keep it running with the Gumout and if it is going to start, it should be quick.
    From there it would be a check for spark. A regulation spark checker would be important to use.
    Let us now how you make out.
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