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Thread: Best aftermarket seat that won't raise the seat height?

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    Best aftermarket seat that won't raise the seat height?

    I know there are a lot of threads on seats, but after sending my picture in to Russell, they said that after break-in, I'll be on the balls of my feet. I spent a lot of time and money getting my 07 R1200RT to fit my 30" inseam and my 190lbs. I got lowered shocks when I needed new ones, for example. I have a Corbin one-piece seat that I have been using, but on my 8-day trip last summer I was in butt-pain, squirming around, hell for each and every day. I know some of you are going to say that every butt is different, but I would love to hear about your successes for long rides!
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    I've got two Corbins and two Sargent seats (sold my 2004 R1150RT with it's Sargent about 8 months ago). The Sargent works best for me but I've not ridden a Russell so I can't comment on them. The Corbins are too stiff for my old butt. ;-)

    Here's the data for your bike (the low suspension frame is 2009 and newer models):
    STOCK OEM 32.28" - 33.07 30.7" - 31.5"
    SARGENT 32.28" - 33.07" WS-550 30.7" - 31.5" WS-551
    Low Suspension Frame* 31.5" - 32.29" WS-550 29.92" - 30.72" WS-551

    On my 2004 R1150RT the low Sargent seat worked best for me and gave me good planting with my 30" inseam (I'm 197 lbs). On my 2014 RTW, due to BMW's redesign, I find the regular height Sargent give me exactly what I want. My recollection of the 2007 R1200RT is that, for me, the Sargent Low worked best for me just as it did with my 2004. Hope that helps.
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    +1 on the Sargent. I also have 30.x inseam. Works well on my 2010 R1200RT
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    Seat satisfaction with Russell all day

    Have a Russell on my '09 RT and love it. They tailored it so well for me (32" inseam at 6') and I have tried many ideas (air hawk- way to restricting sheep skin-not supportive enough Corbin-plain miserable beads- very painful after 5-800 mi. days) As a iron butter, i want long term comfort... Best i've found so far...

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    corbin I to have a 30" inseam at 195 pounds

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    Corbin seat

    30 inch inseam, 193 without gear. Low suspension 2011 RT with two piece Corbin regular height seat. I cannot flatfoot but this is my best combination for comfort as I took a 6000+ mile trip recently. Could even empty tank without stopping.
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    I have little less than a 29in inseam.
    I have tried $many$ seats on my 09 RT to improve my reach to the ground.
    The BMW factory standard seat was way to high and I had to pick which tiptoe - left or right - to touch the ground with.
    I then tried a used BMW factory low seat and I could get the tips of both feet down but my butt was in pain after little more than 1hr.
    I tried a Corbin low and reach was not much better than the standard height BMW seat because the Corbin had a very wide seat pan in the rear.
    I then bought a Sargent Low which has the best reach to the ground and is way more comfortable than anything so far.
    I then tried a custom Bill Mayer seat built on my BMW low seat pan and after having received it and sending it back to be reworked I gave up on it. The reach was not that good and it was not that comfortable - the Sargent was definitely more comfortable to me.
    In December I bought a used BMW Comfort one piece seat and have only mounted it so far since I am locked in with winter weather.
    The reach to the ground is just a smidgen less than the Sargent low.
    I have only sat on it in the garage - not one actual mile in the saddle.
    But it seems very promising.
    If the BMW Comfort one piece does not work out I will go back to the Sargent low and call it quits.

    In order of best to worst for reach:
    Sargent Low
    BMW Comfort one piece
    BMW low
    Bill Mayer low
    Corbin low
    BMW factory standard

    In order of best to worst for comfort:
    Sargent low
    Corbin low - surprised me
    BMW factory standard
    Bill Mayer low - very disapointed
    BMW low
    ***** BMW Comfort one piece - don't know yet but think it will be good ******

    Hop this helps

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    You could always hop on your bike and come up to Seattle and have a custom jobby done at Rich's Seats.

    I've had his seat on my FJR and now on my R1200RT. Nice stuff. And he could likely set you up with a shorter seat as well.
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    big stapler in hand, bread knife in the other, I removed the cover, lifted up the seat heater mesh and carved my seat up over 18 months ago. a bit of hot air from a blow dryer, carefully pulling the cover back into place, I stapled it down, nice and tidy. It gave me about an inch, I also removed the bungs from the seat bracket(up and down slots), let it rest on the bottom, and I'm mostly midfoot and G2G. I might smooth it out a bit in the fall, but works fine and no worries for the last 20k or so

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    Carving knife

    On a tiger 1050 I did what Jim did. Rounded the square edges on each side so the seat didn't cut into my thighs. This made it easier to reach the ground. Took to an upholstery shop for the staples.
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