Just got my Nolan Bluetooth 3 to pair with my 2014 GTL with navigation V. Now I have everything working through the helmet. Phone calls, navigation directions, and bike radio. The process structure was as follows.
1. clear (unpair all devices) in helmet 1 menu on bike
2. pair helmet to Navigation.
3. pair phone to Navigation
4. turn of Bluetooth facility on Navigation unit
5. turn off Bluetooth on helemt
6. turn on bike audio
7. put helmet in pairing mode and initialize helmet 1 pairing in bike menu
8. highlight helmet (N-Com BT3) on menu and confirm
9. the radio music will start playing in your helmet
10. reactivate Bluetooth on Navigation unit and it will pick up phone and helmet
11. next hold down arrow on your helmet for two seconds the bike radio will cease as the connection is transferred to the navigation unit.
12. Next hold the up button for two seconds and the bike radio returns while retaining full phone and navigation features.
Enjoy. It just took 90 minutes of fiddling to figure out.