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Thread: 2002 K1200RS Clutch Slip

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    Not trying to hijack a thread, but I noticed some of you guys mentioning blue smoke at start-up. I know all about oil leaking past the rings on sidestanded (?) K100s, but I haven't seen that problem on any Ks made after the 80s. Thought they pinned the piston rings in place a few years after the initial K100 launch?
    Are you guys still seeing smoke on K11s and 12s?
    if smoke - too much oil in bike (& or) too thin - on any / all horizontal piston engs - - oil rings (bottoms) only clean away the "splash lube" - they will not STOP too much oil - ck oil fill specs - not 4 qts.
    too much oil will create too much pressure in pan when pistons swing & will blow out / leak by oil seals (hydraulic pressure) 3.4 / 3.5 qts in a k12 - sight glass is only to ck when just shut off "warm / hot" NOT TO FILL/ change

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    Clutch Slip K12RS 2000 31K.mi

    New to me 2000.K12RS.31K.Miles. Test ride didn't reveal any slippage, but felt the friction point was a bit off, as the clutch lever is further away from the handlebar then I'm used to (about 1/2 the travel away from the handlebar). Went out for a post purchase ride and... starting from a stop bike wouldn't accelerate.. radical slipping.. I tried feathering the throttle, 1,2,3rd gear.. eventually it engaged enough to get up to speed. I was only 10 miles from home & I made it there fine with no further slippage. Drive it around home with some hard starts.. no slippage. I'm wondering if this could be clutch servo not a bad or oil soaked disc like others have had. Anyone seen an intermittent clutch servo? No the oil isn't overfilled, I just changed it & it's 1/4 low in the magic circle. I'll look for the suggested seepage points.
    Thanks a Million!
    Jim- K12RS, R11RT, R11GS

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