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Thread: Next bike to replace K75s

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    Next bike to replace K75s

    I also "stalled" my FGT 3 times in the first 500 miles early this year after 25 yrs riding experience, mostly HD's. Glad I'm not the only one. I too am 5'11" and added 20mm risers for comfort but I have low tolerance for weight in wrists. I just now have 1,500 miles and bike is feeling much more broken in and shifts a lot smoother. I felt at first I had too much coverage coming from no windshield but after risers, it's nearly perfect, head in wind, no buffeting and great protection for a little rain. Perfect commuter bike for me for daily use

    Ps. Time will tell on lowering pegs and stock seat for me at moment

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    F800ST in my garage

    Thank you all for the input selecting a new bike. Saturday my wife and I drove 280 miles to Katy Texas to look at a Blue 2012 F800ST with 16000 miles. I ended up buying it and riding it home. I look forward to building a long relationship with this light weight motorcycle.

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