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Thread: Volunteering in Registration at the MOA Rally S L C

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    Volunteering in Registration at the MOA Rally S L C

    Volunteering for MOA Rally @Registration

    The MOA Rally in Salt Lake City is rapidly approaching. If you are going, please consider helping out in Registration. A short 4 hour work session will be greatly appreciated. It takes 250 volunteers to setup and run Registration during the week.

    The registration job is responsible for greeting riders as they arrive at the rally, helping them through the registration process, taking payment from non-preregistered people and answering any questions they may have about the rally and the area.

    Go to our Registration volunteer website to pick your day and shift. You’ll receive an email confirmation when complete. Sign up for more than one shift if you have time. Many volunteers do.

    As you can see from the list of shifts we need people from Tuesday morning July 11th until Saturday afternoon July 15th even though the official rally start date is July 13 . Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are primarily set-up, Wednesday afternoon is for volunteer registration and the remaining four-hour shifts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are dedicated to regular registration.

    Share this invitation with friends and club members and consider volunteering as a group.

    Thank you,
    MOA Rally Registration Team
    Roger Trendowski
    Mark Austin
    Sam Booth
    Gretchen Crane
    Karolina Francis
    Lloyd Larimore

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    I'd never used Eventbrite before. That worked pretty well. Seems like a good way to organize the volunteer crew. I'll be there Wednesday noon to 4.
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