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Thread: Problems logging into the forum?

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    Problems logging into the forum?

    If you're having trouble getting onto the forum, that could be due to wrong username or password or maybe you forgot your password. Below are some steps to take to either get logged in or contact the membership for some help.

    1. First, go to and enter your username and password in the upper right of the screen. Be sure and check the "Remember Me" button so that each time you return to the forum, you should still be logged in. See the first picture below.

    2. If Step 1 doesn't work, you'll end up at the next page which is the second picture below. Two things can be done from here.

    3. First, if it's matter of resetting your password, click on the "Forgotten your password? CLICK HERE!" link. On the next page, you will then enter your username or email, answer a simple question to ensure you're not a robot, and then you should expect to receive an email with your new temporary password.

    4. With the temporary password, login in and be sure and change your password to something that you want to use going forward. You could go to to make changes to your MOA profile including your password.

    5. Second, if the above doesn't work to get you back logged on to the forum, then click on the "Are you able to log onto the main site but not the forum? CLICK HERE to let us know!". This will take you a screen where you can enter information about yourself and your problems. That will send a note to the Membership Team who will then get back to you shortly.

    The above steps should eventually get someone to help with getting you back onto the forum.
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