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Thread: Thread preview: possible to turn off?

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    Thread preview: possible to turn off?

    When I hover over a list of threads I get what I would call a preview window which gets in the way of seeing everything. Is it possible to turn this feature off? I've tried searching on the word "preview" but maybe that's not the right word.
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    Lee -

    This is the first time I've heard of this. Is it something like the picture below? I hovered over the "Pure Gas:" thread and the window popped up. I may have seen this before, but I rarely spend much time hovering. If there's a thread I want to read, I click on the thread title. If I want to go to the last unread post in the thread, I click on the circle in front of the thread title. If I move my cursor, the preview disappears. Eventually it disappears if I just leave the mouse where it is.

    Beyond that, I'm not sure that the preview pane can be turned off. Likely a built in "feature" of VBulletin.
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    Interesting, I think most find that a valuable feature. Once you see it, you just move on
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    Kurt - yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about.
    OM - thanks for your response.
    Bottom line for me: I can live with it. Just wondering if I missed an option somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leehopp View Post
    Bottom line for me: I can live with it. Just wondering if I missed an option somewhere.
    I only know of two options.
    Keep your cursor away from the thread title.
    If you touch the title and get the pop up, quickly remove your cursor.
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    I like that feature, it sometimes determines whether I open a thread for further reading or if I move on.

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