Hello everyone! I have been having problems with hard starting, running on one cylinder for a bit before getting going. I have checked the timing, valves, carbs/enrichener jets in the bottom of the float bowls. So with other research, found that my Ignition control module(ICM) is the right part number for that year, BUT, not the right colors in the lettering. They are pink and I think they should be turquoise? Same number, 12.14-1244 477, different ICMís. Plus my coil is the right one, Bosch 0 221 500 203. My question is, has the pink ICM been damaging my coil through the years? Should I replace my coil and my ICM? Iíve been reading Snowbums web sight and am a bit confused if the pink letter ICM has been doing the damage. Plus, according to the VIN, my bike was produced in 08/91, right at the cusp of changing to the newer ICM. There is some green corrosion in the coil on one side of the tower, so will be cleaning them up nice and shiny before condemning the coil.
Where is a good place to buy good quality electric parts for the Airheads?
Thanks for reading, and looking forward to some great advice, mikemcgee.
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