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Thread: Check Your Sipapu Reservations

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    Check Your Sipapu Reservations

    Colorado and Lubbock folks, your usual rooms at Sipapu for the Bavarian Mountain Weekend rally may be gone. Not sure whether you've been contacted yet, so maybe this is a useful heads up
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    Rode up in April to see the damage. Nine is totalled, I mean toast. Spoke with Bruce who advised he happened to be going by and was able to pull out a woman, who was hospitalized for acute alcohol intoxication, and a boy. Number Nine will be no more and will be replaced by Park Models/modular. I will miss that place as from the beginning Charlie Dodd and I rented it till 2009 and I gave it to our friends from Denver when I left town. I rode up just before Memorial Day and no work was started although construction crews are on site doing other work. RIP #9, many good times were had there!
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