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Thread: adding heated grips

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    adding heated grips

    How big a job is it, to add heated grips to a bike that has never had them?

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    Depends what type of bike you are riding (and the style of handle bars it has).

    My F650 and now my r1150r are what I know, so I'll talk based on my knowledge of them...

    If you are looking to add BMW grips.... count on around $200 (give or take) for the parts (grips/controls) and a couple of hours of labor.

    To save some cost you can either install them yourself and/or purchase some aftermarket sets.

    Tech speaking, the wires for the BMW grips are to be routed THROUGH the bars and out a little hole... requiring more work and more swearing.

    All in all, an aftermarket set will save money, time, and trouble... although if you are not familiar with removing controls/grips, it can be intimidating and time consuming the first time... but certainly not impossible.

    I had to replace the bars on my F650 (with heated grips.). It took me a few hours (maybe 3 or 4) but it wasn't impossible. If you have a nice area to work and a decent set of tools....


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    Maybe buy a used set from a bone yard? Or perhaps those aerostitch wrap arounds if you want to limit the extent of the project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bensonhurst
    How big a job is it, to add heated grips to a bike that has never had them?
    If your bike is an airhead GS,the loom on the bike is pretty much prewired. The grip kit comes with a few more wires/connectors that just plug right in.
    Like a puzzle,just fit the parts and turn them on!

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    If you are the do it yourself type....

    A few years ago I wanted heated grips but did not want to pay the BMW price. I found some resistance wire on the internet that I wraped under my stock grips. I then purchased the stock heated grip switch from BMW so the installation would look stock. The 95 GS had the rest of the wireing in the loom. Cheap but works great.


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    Good and Cheap

    I have a set of these and they work GREAT!

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