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Thread: Anybody from the California Central Coast?

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    Anybody from the California Central Coast?

    Hi Guys,

    Being that I relocated recently from SoCal to the Central Coast, I've been looking for opportunities to meet folks from the area with whom I can ride with. If any of you are in the San Luis Obispo area and would be interested in meeting for coffee, bike talk and some local riding, please let me know. I'm always interested in making new friends, especially those I can ride with.
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    Randy Owens lives in Fresno and rides frequently in your area. Check your PMs for Randy's contact info.

    There are also several other likely suspects in the Bay Area if that's not too far away.

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    One more idea.... your Anonymous Book is a great resource for finding riding partners. The MOA tends to describe it as something you only need in an emergency, but I've found it to be a great way to meet with people in your area, or to ask for riding advice in areas you've not visited before.

    Give it a try!


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    I'm also in Fresno but head to Monterey weekly on business.

    So I'm frequently on the Central coast for the weekend and looking to ride.... (new owner of a K1600 GTLE, and loving it!)

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    Just north of you...


    We just moved back to the Santa Cruz Mountains after a 16 year stint in NC.

    I'm not doing much recreational riding lately, (move, refurb a house, and I travel for work) but I'd be happy with meeting you in the middle for a day ride sometime and take it from there!

    I've got a K16 (Mrs calls it hers) and an 02GSA for more "rambunctious" activity.

    Let me know!
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    I split time between Tahoe and Monterey. Hoping to organize a little bbq for MOA around the SBK races at Laguna Seca this coming July. Stay tuned...



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    Totally in for such a thing! Yes, keep us informed!!

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    Los Osos

    I mostly ride commuting between my home in Los Osos and Bakersfield, but always like talking bikes. Let me know what you have going on, and I will do the same. I usually dont ride with other people (They like going too fast) but you never know. That trip to a BBQ for the races sounds good, and wouldnt mind seeing my old stomping grounds at Fort Ord

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