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Thread: seat topper needed for long trips

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    John Erkan
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    seat topper needed for long trips

    Planning a long trip in the spring on my 2014 R1200RT and looking for suggestions on some kind of topper to place on my seats to "ease the pain" . Maybe something like the air hawk. any suggestions out there?
    2014 R1200RT, bought used on 3/15 after rear shock recall with 800 miles

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    I've use the air hawk and find it invaluable, very low inflation is the key to mine being comfortable. I've also found that in addition to seat coverings, flexibility and lower back exercises make much of my pain go away, of course as like work, the more you ride "callous" build up in the right places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erkj79 View Post
    Planning a long trip in the spring on my 2014 R1200RT and looking for suggestions on some kind of topper to place on my seats to "ease the pain" . Maybe something like the air hawk. any suggestions out there?
    I found the pain was more my hide rubbing on my clothes than it was the seat, and tidy whites were not enough between the two. Bought LD Comfort brand shorts and it took the burn away. Airhawk is second in relief. Be careful of gel pads because they absorb and retain heat.

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    I used an Alaska Buttpad on my RT. Used on my standard BMW seat and my Sargent seat also.
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    If you want to try a sheepskin without paying "motorcycle accessory" prices, check out the sheepskin at IKEA for $29.99. Cheaper way to see if it works for you.
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    I tried the Airhawk: yes, it eases the pain but at the cost of an uneasy contact with the seat, plus I found it tended to tip me forward and crush my nuts. I experimented with pressure, and very low pressure was best but, after I fell off while stopped at a red light while trying to adjust the stupid thing, I tossed it.

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    I've got both a BeadRider and Airhawk cushion. The BeadRider works better with one bike, and the Airhawk works better with the other bike.

    There's a lot of airflow through a BeadRider cushion. On a hot summer ride, that may be an important factor to you.

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    I am a fan of Alaska Leather sheepskin pads. I have used one for many years and miles. Don't leave home without it. I can also attest to many riders who use and swear by the beaded seat pads. No personal experience but a lot of my LD rider friends like them. I hear very mixed reviews on the inflatables like the Airhawk. I suspect that much of the negative view is due to over inflation causing a very unstable feeling sitting on the seat. I tried one once and hated it, but in theory at least that might have been my own fault for thinking more air was better.
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    I've also used an AK Leather seat cover for many years. Two years ago I tried a bead seat on one bike and I find it very comfortable. I was surprised that I like it so much, but I do. Now have the beads on one bike and the sheepskin on another. Tried an Airhawk and did not like it.
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    On a long trip, I take both my AirHawk and Beadrider.

    I change what I sit on as the day progresses. The change of pressure points really helps.

    In hot weather, I prefer the Beadrider.
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    I have had the same problem with a lot of different bikes and the best way to solve it was to bight the bullet and order a Russell Day Long seat. It made a huge difference in comfort and being able to ride longer distances in between breaks. I've tried the air hawks and non custom aftermarket seats and none of them compare to the Day Long. Yes they are expensive but if you plan on long rides they are the way to go.

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    Depends on your needs, now I ride with a gel pad AND an Airhawk. Gel isolates vibration, Airhawk relieves pressure points. But a previous post here is enlightening: he (she) changes up as the day progresses. Great idea. Also agree with another previous post, one slides forward on the Airhawk, pain in the nuts. Still. If you're buying an Airhawk, get the rubber one, the less expensive one is made out of some cheap latex, wears out in a few weeks.

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    I also used the Alaska Leather sheepskin cover for years on an RT until I wore it out. They are a huge step up, but not perfect. But then when it comes to sitting on a motorcycle for hours, what is. I finally bit the bullet and went with the RDL seat on my GS, and I think that is as close as it comes, although like mentioned, they are not cheap. I guess I just reached the point in my life where I figure I can afford it, and I have no regrets. It might pay to watch for a used seat for sale, they do pop up occasionally.

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